Precision Leak Detection

Advanced Sonar Technology for Accurate and Efficient Repairs

Sonar leak detection - bluewater pools


Innovative Solutions for Leak Challenges

At Bluewater Pools, we bring cutting-edge sonar technology to the forefront of leak detection. Our service is designed to pinpoint the exact location of leaks with unparalleled accuracy.

Whether the leak is inside the pool, underwater, or hidden under the deck, our state-of-the-art sonar listening devices ensure precise detection without invasive methods.

Following detection, our skilled team provides prompt and effective repairs, addressing both the symptoms and the source of the leak. This service not only saves water and reduces potential damage but also restores your pool’s integrity and efficiency.


Learn More About Leak Detection

Specially skilled technicians perform our leak-detection services.

Sonar leak detection - bluewater pools

Advanced Sonar Leak Detection

Utilizing top-tier sonar equipment to accurately locate leaks without unnecessary digging or damage.

Sonar leak detection - bluewater pools

Underwater Leak Repairs

We are practiced in repairing leaks located beneath the water’s surface, ensuring a watertight seal and pool integrity.

Sonar leak detection - bluewater pools

Deck Area Leak Resolution

Bluewater has expertise in identifying and fixing leaks hidden under the deck area, preventing structural damage.

Sonar leak detection - bluewater pools

Internal Pool Structure Repairs

We address leaks within the pool’s internal structures, maintaining its strength and longevity.

Sonar leak detection - bluewater pools

Comprehensive Leak Impact Assessment

Our technicians assess the broader impact of the leak to provide a complete repair solution.

Each of these services is carried out with precision and care, ensuring that your pool is returned to its optimal condition with minimal disruption. Trust Bluewater Pools to expertly handle all your pool leak detection and repair needs.

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