All About Pool Resurfacing

All about pool resurfacing - bluewater pools

If you own a pool, you know how important it is to maintain its appearance and functionality over time. That’s why pool resurfacing is a topic that every pool owner should be familiar with. In this article, we will discuss what pool resurfacing entails and the various options available to you. By understanding the factors involved in pool resurfacing decisions, you’ll be able to make informed choices that will keep your pool looking its best for years to come.

What Is Pool Resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing is a crucial maintenance process that involves applying a new layer of material to the interior surface of a swimming pool. Over time, the surface of a pool can deteriorate due to various factors such as age, weather conditions, and regular usage. Pool resurfacing not only enhances the overall appearance of the pool but also improves its functionality and safety.

During the pool resurfacing process, the old surface material is removed and replaced with a new coating or finish. There are various resurfacing options available, including plaster, pebble, and tiles, which offer different benefits and aesthetics. However, the primary goal of pool resurfacing is to create a smooth, durable, and watertight surface that extends the lifespan of the pool and ensures a comfortable swimming experience for users.

Exploring Pool Resurfacing Options

When it comes to pool resurfacing, there are several options available that can rejuvenate your pool’s appearance and extend its lifespan.


One popular choice is plaster resurfacing, which involves applying a layer of plaster to the pool’s existing surface. Plaster comes in various finishes, such as white, colored, or even pebble, allowing you to customize the aesthetic to your liking. This option is not only cost-effective but also provides a smooth and durable surface that can last for around 10-15 years with proper maintenance.


Another option to consider is fiberglass resurfacing. Fiberglass is a durable and low-maintenance material that can give your pool a sleek and modern look. The process involves installing a prefabricated fiberglass shell over the existing pool surface. Fiberglass resurfacing offers excellent resistance to stains and chemicals, making it a popular choice for commercial pools. It is important to note that this resurfacing option requires professional installation, but its longevity and aesthetics make it a worthwhile investment for pool owners.


While it’s commonly used as a border at a pool’s waterline, glass tile can be installed over the entire pool surface. Applied over plaster, tile is installed in the same way as it is in a bathroom, which involves mats of small tile or larger tiles glued to the plaster substrate with thinset.

Factors to Consider in Pool Resurfacing Decisions

When it comes to making decisions about pool resurfacing, there are several important factors to consider. One crucial factor is the existing condition of the pool surface. Are there cracks, stains, or other signs of wear and tear? If so, these issues may need to be addressed before resurfacing can take place. Additionally, the type of pool surface material you choose will depend on various factors such as your budget, aesthetic preferences, and desired durability. For instance, plaster is a popular and affordable option, while more expensive materials like pebble or quartz finishes can provide a longer lifespan and a more luxurious look.

Another essential factor to consider is the climate in which the pool is located. Pools in areas with extreme temperatures or high levels of UV exposure may require a more resilient surface material. Additionally, the level of maintenance and care needed for different pool resurfacing options should also be taken into account. Some materials may require more frequent repairs or refinishing, while others may offer greater resistance to chemicals and stains. It’s essential to weigh these factors and consult with professionals to ensure that you choose the right pool resurfacing option that suits your specific needs and circumstances.

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